The green, peaceful and un-spoilt valley of Ayora is situated inland between the towns of Almansa and Requena. The town of Ayora is about a 1 hour drive to both Alicante and Valencia airports, most of which are dual carriageways. There is a daily bus service to both Alicante and Valencia plus nearby train services to Alicante, Valencia and Madrid. The historical town of Almansa is situated 10 minutes' drive from Ayora and lies in the far eastern corner of Castilla La Mancha, less than an hour's drive north of Alicante, or southwest of Valencia. It shares many attributes of the Ayora Valley though it is a large, modern town with a population of around 25,000 and is situated at approximately 650m above sea level.

The new modern general hospital, in Almansa is exactly what you need if you are taken ill. It's modern clean design is state of the art, and give you a feeling of getting well in the right environment. In fact there are 7 major hospitals within 1½ hours drive, and in Ayora a fully equipped medical centre (no long waits for appointments here!).

As Ayora is away from the coast, property prices here tend to be slightly lower than in the coastal regions. If it is a mix of 'real Spain', stunning scenery, long warm days and cool evening, you really should take a look. If you decide to come and see for yourself. The town of Ayora has a population of some 5,500 inhabitants and is situated at approximately 550m above sea level, The total population of the valley, which extends some 20 km, is around 10,000 and is made up of small, welcoming communities. The long summers are very warm, suitable for relaxing by the pool, or just simply enjoying the traditional Spanish siesta. The Mediterranean is near enough to enjoy a day by the sea, with the advantage of the less humid inland night air on return. Spring and autumn are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as fishing, cycling, hiking, bird mention but a few. There are numerous local fiestas, including the world famous Honey Festival when the town of Ayora opens its arms to visitors from all over the world.

Being a Mediterranean-continental climate, occasional cold spells in winter can even bring a day or two's snow. Conversely, a sunny day in mid-January will invite to go for a lightly-clad stroll in the country, feeling more like spring than mid winter. Local produce consists mainly of honey, olives, almonds and cherries. Ayora is situated on the borders of the famous wine growing areas of La Mancha, and with its unique landscapes and green dales, an easy-going pace of life and a moderate cost of living has much to offer for a summer getaway, or full time living. Although the valley comes within the Community of Valencia where Valenciana is fairly widely spoken, the everyday language of the local people is Castilian Spanish. The welcoming nature of the the local Spanish makes it a pleasure to integrate.

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