Swimming pool maintenance terms and conditions.

  1. Weekly visit for 50 weeks a year.
  2. Additional cleaning visits can be arranged at an additional cost.
  3. Weekly water level topped up, (as required)
  4. Pump removal and reinstallation for winter storage (as required).
  5. Pools cover fitting, for winter.
  6. Pool cover removal and basic clean. We hose and brush the cover to remove leaves and loose debris. The cover is dried and folded and placed in your storage location. (full cleaning price available on request. Click here to make an enquiry).
  7. All required chemicals to keep your pool water balanced.
  8. Free "bob", because we don't put chlorine tablets in youar skimmer, we supply you a floating chlorine dispenser. See our FAQ's to find out why.
  9. If a problem arises with any aspect of the pool throughout the year we will advise of the issues and where required we will provide a quotation for the repair, for work that we cannot undertake ourselves we have a working relationship with a reputable Spanish builder who installs and builds swimming pools.
  10. Filter back washing , as required.
  11. Weekly inspection of pump housing and skimmers.
  12. Weekly Vacuum and waterline clean. Summer months only*.
  13. Water level dropped to below skimmer level, where it is possible the pump is removed for storage. For pools that do not have a pool cover debris will be netted out. Winter months**.

Winter/summer months

*Summer months beginning of May to beginning of October.

**Winter months beginning October to beginning May.

Additional charges

The time of this change depends on the weather, something we cannot control. Depending on the condition of your swimming pool and the condition of your pool water, it may be necessary to make an additional charge prior to starting a pool maintenance contract.

All prices are valid within 15Km of Ayora, an additional premium will charged for distances greater than 15Km.

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